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With Libréa menstrual underwear, we feel ...

Good in our own skin, even on days when our mood is upside down. You know, those days of the month when we just want to stay in bed, when melancholy seems all around us and when, for some of us, chocolate is the only salvation ? You know… that stress of a red stain at the back of a pair of white trousers ? Ok Darling, now it’s time to introduce you to Libréa which comes with 6 key benefits for 100% satisfaction !

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100% comfort


0 stain up to 12 hours

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0 toxins

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0 unpleasant smell

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100% durable


Price starting at 20,4 EUR.

Enjoy the comfort you deserve by choose Libréa menstrual underwear.

🇷🇴The menstrual panties Librea are 100% made in Europe, designed by 2 French mothers ethically and with responsible processes 🇷🇴

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How do I wash the panties?

For a minimum of 3 years, saving up to 12 000 pads in a lifetime...

1. Rinse with cold water and squeeze.

2. Wash the pantie by hand or in the washing machine at 30 °C.

3. Dry in the open air.

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